Deep River+ Poem Translation

This is the english translation of the poem written by Utada Hikaru that is read at the begining of the "Deep River" Video on "UH3+ - Single Clip Collection+ Vol.3" (The normal "Deep River" PV shown on tv did not have this poem)

Deep River+

Two mirrors face to face,
emitting melody and reflecting each other.
When I meet someone like myself,
will I also exude a melody like this?

Regardless of child or adult,
none dislikes seeing himself in the mirror.
Fighting to be reflected,
just to forget the existence of the mirror,
and in lonely silence remember emptiness.

I am the mirror.
For those paralyzed where light cannot reach,
I do not give aid,
but do all I can to move the body nearer.
Then we will see the same scenery.
I know that, pain,
if shared, will be reduced.
Although even when the sorrow is less,
the world remains unchanged,
but to me it is a whole new panorama.
Everyone searches for something like himself.
No matter how much I hate myself,
being close to something like myself I will cherish.
In feelings of respect or looking forward,
there is no love.
But in a lifetime, the most loved,
is the person who is most similar to myself - my child.

I am the child.
I believe I am on the right track,
which is why along the way the things that I lose,
or give up,
are absolutely not a kind of sacrifice.

The sky closes its eyes.

Translation by: Kangrui

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