Cameos and Compilation Albums

[1999.06.09] Majo no Jouken OST (Variations on First Love)
[2001.03.07] Hero Original Soundtrack (Can You Keep A Secret? -Instrumental-)
[2001.07.31] Rush Hour 2 Soundtrack (Utada Hikaru feat. Foxy Brown - Blow My Whistle)
[2001.12.12] Ohguro Maki - O (Promise "I Do" featuring Utada Hikaru)
[2002.03.11] Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack (Four versions of Hikari)
[2002.05.27] Shiina Ringo - Utaite Myouri ~Vol. I~ (Shiina Ringo with Utada Hikaru - I Won't Last a Day Without You)
[2003.03.26] Kuzu - Kuzu Album (Kuzu feat. Utada Hikaru - Kaze ga Fuiteru)
[2003.11.06] Beautiful Drivin' Classic - Wish (Colors -Orchestra Version-)
[2004.04.24] BLUE ~ A Tribute to Yutaka Ozaki (I Love You)
[2004.07.14] Unity (Timbaland, Kiley Dean, Utada - By Your Side)
[2004.09.13] Ultimix 108 (Easy Breezy (Ultimix Remix))
[2005.02.xx] DJ Fatal - Remixes Feburary 2005 (CD promo) (Utada feat. Nas, 2Pac and *Notorious B.I.G. - Exodus '04 (Remix))
[2005.10.11] 1998-2005 All For You: UH Premium Single Box Set
[2006.01.25] Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack (Three Versions of Passion / Sanctuary)
[1999.11.26] Now 10 (Cubic U - Close To You)
[1999.12.18] Now Japan Best: Greatest Hits Of The Millennium (Automatic)
[2000.02.01] 1999 Japanese TV Series Champion Theme Songs (First Love feat. David Sanborn)
[2000.02.01] The 41th Japan Record Awards (Automatic, First Love)
[2000.03.01] Japan Love Songs Collection 2 (First Love feat. David Sanborn)
[2000.04.01] Japan R&B Pop Music II (Addicted To You, Automatic, First Love)
[2000.12.06] NOW 11 (Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words))
[2000.12.20] Dancemania DIAMOND COMPLETE EDITION (Fly Me To The Moon (VC2's Club Mix))
[2001.01.01] NOW J-POP 2001 (Movin' On Without You)
[2001.01.17] Dancemania X8 (Fly Me To The Moon (VC2's Club Mix))
[2001.02.09] Tokyo Love Scenes 2001 Endless Love (First Love)
[2001.10.17] Original Songs (Automatic)
[2002.05.29] The Japan Gold Disc Award 2002 (Can You Keep a Secret?)
[2002.07.03] EARTH BEAT (Distance (PLANITb Remix))
[2003.03.05] Sweet -for emotional memories- (First Love)
[2003.04.23] 31 Hits -The Japan Gold Disc Award 2003- (SAKURA Drops)
[2004.04.23] Our Last Days -Casshern OST- (Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro)
[2004.09.xx] Radioactive Rhythm and Top 40 - September 2004 (Devil Inside)
[2004.10.xx] Radioactive Rhythm and Top 40 - October 2004 (Easy Breezy)
[2005.03.09] The Japan Gold Disc Award 2005 (Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro, Easy Breezy)
[2005.03.30] VENUS JAPAN (traveling)
[2005.05.18] Superstar Jazz (Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words))
[2005.07.13] Prime Cuts - Issue #7 (Exodus '04 (Double J Radio Mix))
[2006.03.01] The Japan Gold Disc Award 2006 (Be My Last)
[2009.05.26] Just Dance (Come Back To Me(Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Club Mix))
[2010.06.02] Beautiful Woman (Come Back To Me)
[2010.06.08] Just Dance Volume 3 (Dirty Desire (Mike Rizzo's club Mix))

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