Making of MTV Japan Utada Hikaru Unplugged, English Translation

Utada Hikaru The Making of MTV Unplugged - English Translation

[0:00:00.00,0:00:01.89] July 21, 2001
[0:00:02.12,0:00:05.66] Utada Hikaru is participating for the first time in the making of MTV Unplugged.
[0:00:07.04,0:00:08.16] Interesting.
[0:00:08.16,0:00:13.76] This is the first time MTV Unplugged has been done in Japan.
[0:00:13.76,0:00:16.66] And although I feel a lot of stress about it,
[0:00:18.26,0:00:22.36] I think I have accomplished what I wanted.
[0:00:34.52,0:00:37.53] Putting the definition of Unplugged into one sentence...
[0:00:38.00,0:00:40.51] I've said it before in concert,
[0:00:40.51,0:00:44.61] It is like..."Welcome to Hikki's Bar."
[0:00:45.89,0:00:50.49] And everyone is sitting at the bar counter.
[0:00:51.95,0:00:54.25] And I'm like Mama... I'm like a mama-san,
[0:00:55.31,0:01:00.22] listening to all the old men's grief.
[0:01:02.63,0:01:06.09] If you use that kind of relaxing mood to listen to my songs,
[0:01:06.74,0:01:08.74] It'll be good.
[0:01:09.41,0:01:15.72] Utada's MTV Unplugged performance is also known as an Acoustic Unplugged.
[0:01:16.74,0:01:19.29] Being able to give this kind of performance
[0:01:19.53,0:01:21.89] shows that she is one of the most talented artists.
[0:01:22.96,0:01:28.49] Utada reflects on the success of this past year..
[0:01:29.51,0:01:35.09] Hmm.. "Recalling Utada Hikaru's past year.."
[0:01:36.07,0:01:49.34] Um.. The first time my friends saw me perform live on tv,
[0:01:52.63,0:01:57.53] They said that it was the 'usual me' performing.
[0:01:57.79,0:02:02.30] Some even said it was out of the ordinary.
[0:02:02.30,0:02:04.80] It was very surprising to me.
[0:02:04.80,0:02:07.00] Being that it's not just a small auditorium of people,
[0:02:07.12,0:02:13.80] because the masses can watch my performance through television.
[0:02:16.36,0:02:18.86] The reason that Utada Hikaru wanted to do an MTV Unplugged
[0:02:19.05,0:02:21.06] is a little surprising.
[0:02:21.36,0:02:23.55] It was me who wanted to try an unplugged performance.
[0:02:24.47,0:02:26.80] The staff of MTV said..
[0:02:39.12,0:02:41.51] I've wanted to do an Unplugged for a long time now,
[0:02:41.51,0:02:47.32] but the Top Hits TV producers will ask you to do this, or do that.
[0:02:48.12,0:02:51.71] Inspired by an unforgettable Unplugged performance..
[0:02:51.71,0:02:53.99] Maxwell is sexy, isn't he?
[0:02:57.24,0:03:02.11] The security guards told everyone not to stand during the performance.
[0:03:02.11,0:03:06.41] But everyone wanted to have a good time, and Maxwell said, "It's okay. Stand up and dance."
[0:03:06.41,0:03:09.61] So that kind of passion was unforgettable.
[0:03:10.10,0:03:14.40] Utada Hikaru's Bohemian Summer 2000 was a success.
[0:03:14.91,0:03:19.28] But reason that she wanted to perform an Unplugged is the differences between the two.
[0:03:19.28,0:03:24.98] Singing with all my heart, all kinds of equipment was used, and the music was loud.
[0:03:25.37,0:03:29.23] I was singing in front of thousands in the audience,
[0:03:30.56,0:03:34.02] and the tour lasted for two months.
[0:03:34.70,0:03:37.09] I was kind of sick of it.
[0:03:37.09,0:03:42.85] But with less people, in a smaller auditorium, there's a more intimate atmosphere,
[0:03:43.05,0:03:45.79] rather than with a larger stadium.
[0:03:46.16,0:03:52.22] I think it's because I can be at the same height with the audience.
[0:03:53.94,0:03:56.02] And it's not an all out hard rock performance,
[0:03:56.19,0:03:59.10] But more a soothing, relaxing performance.
[0:04:03.28,0:04:07.16] From different points of view, both are very different.
[0:04:09.14,0:04:13.22] When the tour ended, I was very tired.
[0:04:13.39,0:04:16.01] But it's different with Unplugged.
[0:04:16.01,0:04:21.24] I prefer a non tiring concert.
[0:04:23.31,0:04:27.74] We're here to capture moments of Utada Hikaru before the recording of Unplugged..
[0:04:32.14,0:04:35.00] The band members from the previous tour have joined her,
[0:04:35.02,0:04:38.94] and on the small stage, the main topic will be intimacy,
[0:04:39.09,0:04:42.64] With an atmosphere where all can relax.
[0:04:42.64,0:04:44.84] These are the requirements of Utada Hikaru.
[0:04:50.32,0:04:52.14] Everyone, thank you for your hard work.
[0:04:52.14,0:04:55.67] Okay, let's do it!
[0:05:16.88,0:05:19.53] The music is too thick.
[0:05:19.53,0:05:22.09] There's no unplugged feel to it.
[0:05:22.09,0:05:25.85] The piano and drums are too loud; it sounds just like the CD.
[0:05:25.85,0:05:28.03] Yeah, there aren't many changes.
[0:05:28.03,0:05:31.42] Guitar and percussion instruments should be heard clearly.
[0:05:32.28,0:05:35.78] Percussion instruments should be louder than the drums,
[0:05:39.40,0:05:41.64] Just like with Eric Clapton,
[0:05:41.64,0:05:44.92] the guitar and percussion are the main instruments,
[0:05:44.93,0:05:48.34] and the band is just the background music.
[0:05:48.34,0:05:51.75] Never the main instruments.
[0:05:51.75,0:05:56.64] Now.. the music still has a big scale, concert kind of feel to it.
[0:05:56.64,0:05:59.63] We want to move away from that kind of feel.
[0:05:59.63,0:06:06.21] Now we'll use only guitars and percussion for a trial,
[0:06:06.21,0:06:11.79] and everyone else will be only background music.
[0:06:11.79,0:06:16.78] How long is the piano solo?
[0:06:16.78,0:06:18.76] Do you want to do a solo by yourself?
[0:06:18.76,0:06:20.92] I've been thinking about whether I should.
[0:06:20.92,0:06:23.26] If that's the case, I'll sing on your behalf.
[0:06:23.26,0:06:25.26] GOOD!!
[0:06:25.26,0:06:27.26] Let's try it out.
[0:06:27.26,0:06:29.56] Utada Hikaru has a new idea..
[0:06:29.89,0:06:32.54] playing the piano solo herself.
[0:06:56.99,0:07:01.84] This chord.... From the start to the end of the song, there are only four chords?
[0:07:01.84,0:07:06.25] If we're going to play this on the piano, it's too simple.
[0:07:06.25,0:07:08.25] It looks kind of foolish.
[0:07:13.83,0:07:16.45] This is just the intro of the song.
[0:07:26.39,0:07:29.83] Anyone who listens to this will feel that it's not creative enough?
[0:07:29.85,0:07:33.04] Yeah, well I just did four bars..
[0:07:33.05,0:07:38.06] If I kept on doing that for 16, including the intro, if I do that for like what, 32 bars?
[0:07:36.67,0:07:38.02] That's only A.
[0:07:38.06,0:07:42.76] It's going to sound really really absurd.
[0:07:39.02,0:07:43.72] That's only A. Playing only A is not enough.
[0:07:47.08,0:07:49.56] Is this song alright?
[0:07:49.56,0:07:52.56] I'm beginning to have doubts.
[0:07:53.64,0:07:56.43] Through Utada Hikaru's serious spirit,
[0:07:56.43,0:08:00.68] You can see an artist's true determination to be Unplugged.
[0:08:06.96,0:08:12.77] After some time, the Kettobase Unplugged version was decided.
[0:08:12.77,0:08:16.40] Now Hikki will sing and play the piano solo.
[0:09:09.75,0:09:12.31] It's just two days before the performance..
[0:09:13.03,0:09:15.05] After successfully selecting the songs,
[0:09:15.05,0:09:18.54] her expression is not the same as it usually is.
[0:09:18.54,0:09:21.72] What's happened to her?
[0:09:32.04,0:09:35.42] Now the string instruments have entered the studio.
[0:09:44.03,0:09:47.38] They've started the rehearsal of Addicted To You.
[0:09:55.91,0:09:58.36] How will the Unplugged performance turn out to be?
[0:09:58.36,0:10:00.36] The anticipation is more than expected.
[0:10:00.36,0:10:05.39] Maybe Utada Hikaru herself is feeling that anticipation..
[0:10:17.94,0:10:21.19] Comparing how she was at the first rehersal to how she is now..
[0:10:21.19,0:10:24.08] What's happened to her?
[0:10:24.08,0:10:27.41] The evening of the Unplugged performance is in two days time.
[0:10:33.17,0:10:35.65] In order to fulfill Utada Hikaru's Unplugged dream,
[0:10:35.65,0:10:38.72] the place is being decorated late at night.
[0:10:39.36,0:10:42.27] There are about two hundred stage crew members.
[0:10:42.27,0:10:45.03] To recreate the traditional feel of Unplugged
[0:10:45.03,0:10:47.58] American staff members were brought to Japan.
[0:10:47.59,0:10:50.50] They're putting up the stage throughout the night.
[0:11:03.38,0:11:06.07] One day before the performace at 11:00
[0:11:06.07,0:11:08.80] The stage has been completed.
[0:11:08.80,0:11:12.59] After that, Utada Hikaru comes for a rehearsal.
[0:11:12.59,0:11:15.47] Her views on the stage setup..
[0:11:15.50,0:11:18.33] When I walked into the room, within five minutes,
[0:11:18.33,0:11:20.91] I was like "Amazing! Beautiful!" and I was cheered up.
[0:11:22.34,0:11:25.00] The person in charge of the stage design is Mike Rhodes.
[0:12:08.62,0:12:11.51] The person in charge of the lighting is Tom Kenny.
[0:12:44.70,0:12:48.52] This is the Chief camera man for the Unplugged.
[0:13:24.64,0:13:26.91] The producer is Jac Benson.
[0:13:26.91,0:13:29.31] His views on Utada Hikaru's Unplugged..
[0:13:51.96,0:13:54.61] The beginning of the final rehearsal..
[0:14:32.15,0:14:36.49] Sorry, I can't sing in this way.
[0:14:37.14,0:14:40.01] Let's just forget the whole thing.
[0:14:40.01,0:14:42.98] What is happening to me? In my mind.....
[0:14:42.98,0:14:45.79] She can't sing.. Why is that?
[0:14:51.76,0:14:53.95] Utada was alone in her deep thoughts.
[0:14:53.95,0:14:57.33] This is the first time the camera captured her sad face.
[0:14:58.56,0:15:00.95] After the end of today's rehearsal,
[0:15:00.95,0:15:04.05] Utada Hikaru was playing alone at the piano.
[0:15:04.52,0:15:06.96] What's going through her mind right now?
[0:15:06.96,0:15:09.40] What will happen tomorrow?
[0:15:13.63,0:15:15.24] July 21, 2001
[0:15:15.24,0:15:18.66] Today is the actual day of the Unplugged performance.
[0:15:19.82,0:15:23.43] Good Morning.
[0:15:26.30,0:15:28.42] What will the final result be?
[0:15:28.42,0:15:31.37] At this point in time, no one knows.
[0:15:31.37,0:15:34.33] Utada Hikaru is feeling down today.
[0:15:37.21,0:15:41.32] What songs is she listening to on her earphones?
[0:15:41.57,0:15:45.04] There will be a surprising announcement after this.
[0:15:45.63,0:15:48.18] While fans are waiting outside of the building,
[0:15:48.18,0:15:50.83] the important announcement was made.
[0:16:02.60,0:16:05.60] Hearing that she added a U2 song,
[0:16:06.11,0:16:08.99] The staff is filled with anticipation.
[0:16:09.81,0:16:12.19] The producer was excited too.
[0:16:25.31,0:16:29.06] We asked the person herself, why she added that song in..
[0:16:29.98,0:16:32.89] I've been trying to think of a cover song,
[0:16:32.89,0:16:35.28] but it seemed that I just couldn't make up my mind.
[0:16:35.28,0:16:38.88] Suddenly U2's song just popped into my head.
[0:16:41.03,0:16:43.76] Producer Utada Skingg Teruzane
[0:16:43.76,0:16:45.76] had this to say..
[0:16:45.76,0:16:50.16] Yesterday, Hikki told me that she wanted to give the audience a surprise.
[0:16:50.16,0:16:52.94] And she wanted to sing a cover song.
[0:16:52.94,0:16:54.94] I told her that was a good idea.
[0:16:54.94,0:16:57.76] I think she decided after some consideration.
[0:16:58.96,0:17:02.32] The staff was worried about this surprise new song.
[0:17:02.96,0:17:06.99] Utada Hikaru is going to have rehearse it on stage.
[0:17:06.99,0:17:08.53] No problem?
[0:17:09.68,0:17:12.23] It doesn't feel like today is the actual day.
[0:17:12.23,0:17:15.25] I'm not concentrating.
[0:17:17.05,0:17:19.27] Don't you feel excited?
[0:17:19.27,0:17:21.28] Maybe when you're really performing, you'll feel it.
[0:17:21.28,0:17:23.28] Yes, I think so.
[0:17:25.24,0:17:29.38] The producer and band master are asking her about the newly added song..
[0:17:29.38,0:17:36.56] The original intro started with a D.
[0:18:01.61,0:18:04.54] Not bad.
[0:18:18.45,0:18:22.46] I memorized the lyrics of the song yesterday.
[0:18:22.46,0:18:24.56] I was thinking that if I were to sing and recall at the same time,
[0:18:24.56,0:18:27.62] I'd play badly on the piano.
[0:18:27.62,0:18:29.79] The thought makes me uneasy.
[0:18:29.79,0:18:37.96] So I don't have enough confidence to play and sing at the same time.
[0:18:37.96,0:18:41.99] But since this is a cover song,
[0:18:41.99,0:18:45.52] maybe they won't mind the piano.
[0:18:45.52,0:18:47.73] And it's a very nice song.
[0:18:47.73,0:18:50.85] We'll go ahead with this.
[0:18:52.79,0:18:54.81] I think that will be fine.
[0:18:54.84,0:18:57.01] The sound of guitar is great too.
[0:18:56.42,0:18:57.42] The sound quality is good.
[0:18:59.68,0:19:01.84] U2's With Or Without You
[0:19:01.84,0:19:05.16] Utada Hikaru's version will be played for the first time.
[0:19:24.21,0:19:26.56] Amazing.
[0:19:26.56,0:19:28.56] It's very good.
[0:19:30.13,0:19:33.21] Utada Hikaru's passion filled the whole room.
[0:19:34.62,0:19:36.91] It's a very nice song.
[0:19:37.90,0:19:39.99] I don't have any confidence.
[0:19:44.42,0:19:47.58] Now for the very last rehearsal..
[0:20:25.78,0:20:28.57] Everyone, is everything fine?
[0:20:28.57,0:20:30.57] No problem?
[0:20:31.45,0:20:34.17] Now, we have to wait for the real thing.
[0:20:34.17,0:20:38.15] Wait for the real performance.
[0:20:38.44,0:20:41.93] Thanks for the hard work.
[0:20:42.40,0:20:45.57] Utada Hikaru has successfully completed her rehearsal.
[0:20:45.57,0:20:47.86] Now she just has to wait for the real thing.
[0:20:48.91,0:20:51.94] The staff is going through their final check.
[0:20:52.22,0:20:59.81] The Unplugged performance of MTV Japan's artist, Utada Hikaru, is about to begin.
[0:21:00.36,0:21:04.60] Will she be the youngest Unplugged singer in MTV's history?
[0:21:05.07,0:21:08.77] What is this little Hikki's Bar that she's talked about?
[0:21:11.28,0:21:15.51] Now, Utada Hikaru is making a whole new step.
[0:21:17.04,0:21:18.94] Welcome!
[0:21:23.30,0:21:27.42] Thanks for the applause.
[0:21:29.38,0:21:31.38] Start the preformance now.
[0:21:31.38,0:21:35.87] Wait, wait!! I'm not ready yet!
[0:21:36.80,0:21:40.41] Okay! Let's start.

Original Translation: Hakushi
Original Editing: Ania
Original Timing: Hakushi

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