About UtadaNet.com


The idea for Utada Net was first concieved in May 2003, after a beloved Utada Hikaru fan site / community closed down. HikkiCentral.com was a major fanbase of Utada Hikaru fans and many were sad to see it go. After their sudden shut down, a few former members got together and decided to form their own fan site/community so that the many 'homeless' Utada fans would find a fun community to call home once again. The founders of Utada Net had to go through numerous names before finally deciding on Utada Net. There were many issues about other site names already taken and just finding a simple and easy name. After many months of collecting data and information, setting up the site platform, and deciding on a perfect name, we finally opened after a year of planning and preperation. Thus, 'Keeping the Hikki spirit alive', UtadaNet.com was opened on May 22nd, 2004!